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SirenFX updates its product line to v1.1.0

SirenFX have updated all of their products to version 1.1.0. Major features include support for Ableton Live, new formant frequency LFOs for WindGen, and a new Host Playback Mode option that only generates sound when the host’s transport state is playing. There have also been many bug fixes related to the preset manager.

New features in version 1.1.0

  • Ableton Live compatibility.
  • New formant frequency LFOs for WindGen.
  • New ‘Host Playback Mode’ so that noise is only generated when the host’s transport state is Playing.
  • New options in the preset context menu for easier management.
  • Bug fixes.

SirenFX is also running a Summer Sale for WindGen and RainGen, offering a 25% discount until August 15th. Both plugins are now £30.