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Black Noise Generator

LF Generator

SirenFX Black Noise Generator is an LFE effect that creates a deep and unsettling noise texture that can be used to add atmosphere to any media project.

As a generator, it outputs the characteristic ‘doom’ tone often used in movies and games to create a sense of menacing foreboding or to allude to vast spaces. The generated noise can also be modulated with a sidechain input to add power and weight to any existing sound lacking low-end, such as gunshots, foley, or even the human voice.

The noise signal is overdriven and filtered in a two-stage process to create a texture that is both aggressive and smooth. It is also high-pass filtered to create a very focused sound.

Black Noise Generator  Screenshot


Operating System

Windows 64-bit

macOS 64-bit (Intel/ARM)




System Requirements

64-bit Windows 8.1 or later

64-bit macOS 10.9 or later

Copy Protection

Serial Number

Number of activations


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